11 Years Factory cnc lathe machining parts to Orlando Importers

11 Years Factory
 cnc lathe machining parts to Orlando Importers

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We can always satisfy our respected customers with our good quality, good price and good service due to we are more professional and more hard-working and do it in cost-effective way for 11 Years Factory cnc lathe machining parts to Orlando Importers, We cordially welcome customers from at home and abroad to join us and cooperate with us to enjoy a better future.

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  • At JIMTOF 2014, Sugino Machine unveiled the “JCC503 Robo”, a CNC precision washer that positions parts with a numerically-controlled robotic arm and utilizes a high pressure washer to remove chips as small as 0.6 mm generated during machining processes.

    “In order to achieve a washing precision to the level of 0.6 mm, steadily targeted washing is required. The process of steady targeting washing requires a device equipped with small but rigid machine tool technology that is capable of accurate positioning. The washing section of the device also combines technologies for various washing techniques such as high pressure washing, submerged washing, and the ability to select the pressurized flow rate from a variety of nozzles.”

    This washer performs conveying, washing, and drying, and is connected directly with a machining line to process large parts such as an engine block. Compared to ordinary articulated washing robots, the precision washer’s cycle time is significantly shortened and the installation space is reduced to two-thirds while maintaining general versatility. This is achieved by adopting a robotic arm that is highly rigid and capable of rapid and agile movement.

    “With conventional robotic washers the robots themselves are installed inside the washing rooms, and because of that relationship problems occur with the robots due to water permeation. The JCC503 Robo has all of the electrical components positioned outside the washing environment, so there are absolutely no problems due to water permeation.”

    The robotic washer can be programmed using the universal CNC programming language, which has become a global standard, and as a result it can be easily incorporated into production lines.

    “The JCC503 Robo was also exhibited at the 2014 IMTS Chicago show in the United States, and as a result, we are receiving a lot of inquiries and questions from leading automakers. With the adoption of this washer by these types of global companies, we hope to contribute to increasing vehicle engine performance through precision washing, as well as helping to resolve everyday environmental issues.”

    Learn how to weld plastics – (Plastic Fabrication – Plastic Repairs)
    Welding plastics is not rocket science, but you do need the right equipment and must follow a few basic steps. Surface preparation, V’ing, Tacking, then you are ready for the main welding. Use either the pendulum welding technique, or use our speed welding nozzles for long weld runs. This video can also be purchased on DVD for viewing in a domestic DVD player.

    In this video:
    Plastic Welding with the Techspan RION – The hand gun for plastic welding of all different types of thermoplastic materials. Techspan Hot Air Tools can be fitted with a range of different accessory nozzle. Hot Air Hand tools are ideal for welding of roofing membranes, flooring, tarpaulins, plastic pipes and platic tanks, and much more. It is possible to weld the following materials – PVC, PP, PE, PA, PC, EVA, TPO, EPDM .. just to name a few – With Techspan hot air plastic welding is too easy !

    What tool is being used? Techspan RION – The hand gun for plastic welding all different types of thermoplastic materials. Techspan Hot Air Tools are available with a full range of different kind of accessory nozzles, to meet a variety of applications. eg. Hot Air Hand tools for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic pipes and plastic tanks, and so on.. Will weld PVC, PP, PE, PA, PC, EVA, TPO, EPDM and more..

    Visit our online shop at http://www.techspanonline.com
    We also provide service on all major brands: including – Techspan Bak Dohle Herz Leister http://www.techspanonline.com

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