12 Years Factory Brass Turning Parts 18 to India Importers

12 Years Factory
 Brass Turning Parts 18 to India Importers

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Our goal is to satisfy our customers by offering golden service, good price and high quality for 12 Years Factory Brass Turning Parts 18 to India Importers, We sincerely welcome both foreign and domestic business partners, and hope to work with you in the near future!

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  • The Anny CN-X is our brand new 3-Axis CNC door jamb machine. It is the most top-of-the-line product in our jamb machine selection. It can machine both standard and non-standard door jambs as well as aluminum door thresholds. This door jamb machine’s 3 axes make it possible to perform any machining type on the surface of the door jamb: hinges, multi-points, strike, double strike, dadoes, cut an angle for the sill, hinge pilot holes and the hole for the reinforcement screw. The machining process is done in a closed environment to offer a quieter, more secure experience. It can machine wood, PVC, fiberglass, composite, PVC covered wood and aluminum covered wood. This door jamb machine’s program, being based on pre-set shapes, is easy to use and it can even be sent cut lists from a remote computer through an Ethernet connection.

    The Anny CN-X’s probes automatically detect the clamps to remove any conflict between its machining parts and its clamps; if the clamps are in a wrong area, the machine will notify the operator. This door jamb machine also has probes that detect the deflection in the wood and PVC to automatically adjust the machining depths; these same probes will also ensure the precision of dadoes machining.

    This machine is equipped with two main machining tools and two secondary tools; The Anny CN-X comes with an additional 1″3/4 main electric tool to speed up production, a second main electric tool of 1/2″ diameter and two secondary pneumatic tools for finishing jobs. Compared to the other CN door jamb machines, the CN-X has an increased capacity in terms of thickness machining. This model was designed in order to be able to operate with a 3″ machining tool. This allows us to cut a full-sized mullion of 2 ½” and to do end-milling.

    The Anny CN-X is equipped with an automated entry and exit system for the door jamb to speed up the production cycle; the door on this machine is smaller, hastening the loading/unloading process. To top it all off, this door jamb machine’s linear motion system for the machining heads has one of the best machining speeds of the industry and is in an enclosed environment to protect its moving parts; they are completely protected from dust particles and therefore the system’s lifespan is extended. Furthermore, this door jamb machine is equipped with two easy to use wheel-driven removable trash bins to hasten the cleaning process.

    The Pilot Pro CNC Router http://www.pdjinc.com
    3D PARTS cut in aluminum??? YES and MORE!


    More Precision, More Quality, More Power, More Options, More of Everything – This is for your FUTURE – Make it COUNT!

    The Z axis always comes completely assembled and ready to mount. The rest of the machine is easy to put together and customize as well.

    Don’t be misled by the competitions hype – this design is superior to all the rest and at a much lower cost!

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