15 Years manufacturer aluminum parts cnc 02 for Stuttgart Manufacturers

15 Years manufacturer
 aluminum parts cnc 02 for Stuttgart Manufacturers

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Assume full responsibility to meet all demands of our clients; achieve continuous advancements by promoting the growth of our clients; become the final permanent cooperative partner of clients and maximize the interests of clients for 15 Years manufacturer aluminum parts cnc 02 for Stuttgart Manufacturers, sincerely look forward to serving you in the near future. You are sincerely welcome to visit our company to talk business face to face with each other and establish long-term co-operation with us!

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  • Very first chips with my new Tormach pcnc 770. Doesn’t quite go as planned at the end! lol.

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    Cnc Fiber Laser Pipe I Tube Cutting Machine For Round / Square / Oval / Triangle / Waist Round Tube
    Fiber laser cutting tube / pipe cutting machine P2060A features
    ♦ Can cut lines and holes with different diameters from different directions on the pipe,and meet centrifugal and non-centrifugal vertical intersection condition for branch and main pipe axis.
    ♦ Can cut column Crossed Lines at the end of branch pipe,and meet centrifugal non-centrifugal vertical intersection condition for branch and main pipe axis.
    ♦ Can cut inclined with the main circular pipe.
    ♦ Can cut branch pipe intersected with the main circular pipe.
    ♦ To realized angel groove face,square hole,waist-shaped holes cutting.
    ♦ Fully automatic CNC laser tube cutting machine, which utilizes an automatic loader and unloader allowing this machine to run continuously with minimal operator involvement.

    P2060A Machine Core Parts Details
    1.Automatic bundle loader:
    ® Automatic bundle loader for option which saves labor and loading time, achieve mass production purpose
    ® Round pipe, rectangular pipe and other pipes can be fully automated loading, without human intervention.
    ® Other shapes pipe can be semi-automatic feeding artificially.
    ® Max Loading Bundle 800mm*800mm
    ® Max Loading Bundle Weight 2500kg
    ® The tape support frame for easy removal
    ® Bundles of tubes lifting automatically
    ® Automatic separation and automatic alignment
    ® Robotic arm stuffing and feeding accurately
    2.Automatic Collecting Device:
    ® Automatic elevating support, receive tube and scrap into the basket
    ® Visual scale support can adjust support diameter quickly according to pipe diameter
    ® Visual scale adjustable support lifting device saves feeding time, ensures concentricity, prevents pipe
    3.Advanced chuck clamping system:
    ® Chuck by changing the gas path, the usual four-jaw chuck linkage, optimization Cheng stroke power chuck double acting.
    ® Cutting different diameters, the shape of the pipe in the travel range (bilateral stroke 80mm),no need to adjust the jaw easy setup and centered.
    ® easy switching of different diameters, a substantial saving setup time.
    4.Supporting wheel diameter scale adjusting:
    ® Supporting wheel diameter scale adjusting,20-200mm range, within in 20-200mm diameter, different types of tubes,simply adjust correct scale and load the tube. Auto holding,no need to adjust concentricity
    5.Up and down Adjustable supporting system:
    Easy tube Changing,Saving loading time,Less tube swinging;Guarantee Concentricity,Easier loading,Avoid Swinging,Auto lifting,Auto loading module optional

    Golden Laser Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Objectives
    Presenting the highest cost effectiveness tube cutting machine for global customers.Focus on professional applications.

    Automatic Bundle Loader Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine Technical Parameters
    Model Number: P2060A / P3080A / P30120
    Tube length: 6000mm / 8000mm / 12000mm
    Tube diameter: 20-200mm / 20-300mm
    Laser source : IPG /N -light fiber laser resonator
    Laser head: Raytools laser cutting head
    Servo Motor: 4 servo motors for all axial movements
    Laser source power: 700w / 1000w / 2000w / 3000w
    Position accuracy: ±0.03mm
    Repeat position accuracy: ±0.01mm
    Maximum position speed: 70m/min
    Acceleration: 1G
    Cutting speed: depend on material, laser source power
    Electric power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz

    Buying Guides
    1.What metal materials do u need to cut ? what’s the max tueb length,tube diameter and tube wall thickness?
    2.What industry do u do ? and what’s the final cutting product?
    3.Kindly leave the message of ur e-mail address,company name ?

    After confirmed above questions,then we can recommend u with the suitable laser power for u.

    Attn: Ms Jaeny May
    Web: www.goldenlaser.org / www.vtopfiber.com / www.golden-laser.com.cn / http://goo.gl/ekpXTm
    Whatsapp(tel): +86-15071258391 (wechat)
    Skype: goldenlaser-jaenymay

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