2 Years’ Warranty for wirevise 5060 to Bahamas Importers

2 Years’ Warranty for
 wirevise 5060 to Bahamas Importers

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We can always satisfy our respected customers with our good quality, good price and good service due to we are more professional and more hard-working and do it in cost-effective way for 2 Years’ Warranty for wirevise 5060 to Bahamas Importers, We sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Give us a chance to show you our professionalism and passion.

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    Woman in sitting room looking through magazine with stainless steel everyday objects on coffee table in front of her. Her young son grabs something off the table and stainless steel dish falls to floor. Close up of stainless steel cutlery in box.
    Man in drive cleaning his Austin Cambridge – hub caps made of stainless steel – same young boy comes out and looks at his reflection in the hub cap.
    Shots of garden and stainless steel gardening implements. Man hoeing garden and his wife comes out to garden carrying a tray with stainless steel mug full of beer for him.
    Cut to shots of beer barrels and factory where they are on a conveyor belt.
    1’35 in cows at dairy farm eating from long trough and close up of their udders as they are connected to milking machines. Large stainless steel tanks hold the milk and shot of road tanker being connected to take away the milk. Several milk tankers outside Express Dairy factory at Ruislip, Middlesex and cut to interior with huge containers full of milk.
    Top shot of milk bottling plant with thousands of milk bottles going around on conveyor belt.
    3’01 Chemical Industry large containers full of corrosive material being transported on lorry. Exterior of factory that manufactures bri-nylon called British Nylon Spinning.
    Close up polymer chips used for manufacture of bri-nylon.
    3’44 Close up set of golf clubs. Man pulls one of the clubs out and plays shot on the green.
    4’09 Close up firemen sliding down stainless steel pole and rush to get into fire engine in Sheffield.
    4’25 Medium shot dinghies sailing and close up of other small motor boats. Close up of some of the stainless steel bits used in their manufacture.
    Close up of steel components in Vincent motor bike, then man gets on it and drives away.
    5’19 Various shots Rolls Royce at a show – different models, one drives past camera.
    5’39 Train in Canada made of stainless steel travels through station with Rockies in back ground. Goes over a bridge which spans a deep valley.
    5’58 Old British bi plane in air. At 6’15 Jet Bristol T188 takes off. Shots of it in air. Britain’s first supersonic demo aircraft.
    6’31 Thames Embankment, London from South side. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in distance and pan left to Millbank Tower. Low angle shot of Millbank Tower cut to young boy going through doors and then lift (made of stainless steel) into office. Exterior and panning shot up. Boy / child at desk in office with phone reading magazine, looks like he is the boss of a big company. He’s looking at pictures of Millbank Tower and then we see out of window to long distance shot of South Bank and Thames.

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