2017 Super Lowest Price stamping metal parts for Netherlands Importers

2017 Super Lowest Price
 stamping metal parts  for Netherlands Importers

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We support our buyers with ideal high quality products and high level service. Becoming the specialist manufacturer in this sector, we have gained rich practical experience in producing and managing for 2017 Super Lowest Price stamping metal parts for Netherlands Importers, If you are interested in our products, please feel free to send us your inquiry. We sincerely hope to establish win-win business relationships with you.

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    $10 Discount Code information: https://www.patreon.com/clickspring

    What is a Fire Piston and how does it work? 2:42
    How do I use The Clickspring Fire Piston? 3:15
    What type of Tinder is Recommended for The Clickspring Fire Piston? 4:55
    How do I make Char Cloth? 5:21
    How do I use the Storage Compartment? 6:45
    What weather conditions particularly suit the Clickspring Fire Piston? 8:05
    How do I clean and Lubricate The Clickspring Fire Piston? 9:07
    What are the Components and Specifications of The Clickspring Fire Piston? 10:18

    Abbreviated Transcript:

    00:17 The Clickspring Fire Piston is a high quality fire starting device perfect for the task, and its been specifically designed with campers, preppers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Using an ignition technique completely different to most fire starting methods, its particularly suited to starting a fire in high wind conditions, and so is a perfect component of any survival, camping or hiking bag.
    00:42 Now aside from its practical use, its also a fun gadget to play with, and it makes a terrific gift for friends and family, especially those who love a device that requires a little bit of skill to use. Precision machined to exacting tolerances, this device has been built to last. The cylinder is formed from a single piece of aluminium, and has been anodized for both durability and performance.
    01:29 So that you can immediately start using it, there are 2 packets of char cloth tinder included in your purchase. And Instructions on how to make more char cloth, are provided later in this video. Now there are of course many other methods for starting a fire. But few, if any, of those methods are as interesting, or as much fun to use as this little device.
    02:56 Using the principle of Adiabatic Heating much like the modern diesel engine, the rapid compression of air within the cylinder as the user closes the piston, leads to a corresponding rapid rise in temperature. If the compression occurs fast enough, then a piece of tinder positioned on the end of the piston can be made to ignite, and then subsequently used to start a fire.
    03:20 To get started using the Clickspring Fire Piston tear off a small piece of char cloth, gently Push that ball into the cone shape at the end of the brass piston. Once the char cloth is in place, Insert the piston back into the cylinder, with the end of the piston just inside the bore, to ensure that the piston will have a full stroke. Now there are 2 methods to get ignition.
    04:05 The main thing you’re aiming for is speed of closure. You really do need to close the piston very fast. And it also heps if you can briefly hold the piston at the position of maximum pressure. Once you get the hang of basic ignition, this part of the technique will ensure that you get a light off almost every time.
    05:04 It ignites readily, and in normal conditions burns slowly. However if you provide it with additional airflow by blowing on it, or by placing it in a strong wind, it’ll easily ignite surrounding material into open flame, making it the perfect tinder for starting a camp fire. Take a small tin, like this Altoids tin, and punch or drill a hole in the top.
    06:05 That flame soon decreases, until there’s just a single small flame extending from the hole. Once this flame extinguishes, the formation of the char cloth is complete, and you can leave the tin to cool down. When the tin has cooled, remove the piece of char cloth to examine it. It should be flexible, and still show the woven pattern of the original cotton fabric.
    07:05 Unscrew the Piston Handle, and confirm that the foil wrap will slide loosely in and out of the compartment. When you’re satisfied that it’ll drop out when required, seal off the cap, and then reinsert the piston back into the cylinder. Your fire piston is now good to go for your next outdoor adventure.
    08:10 The Clickspring Fire Piston will function in most of the same weather conditions as the other common fire starting methods. But there is one circumstance where it stand out well ahead of the rest. And that’s in strong wind conditions. Where other methods may struggle to maintain ignition, this device not only functions, but in fact thrives on the extra airflow.
    09:12 Your Fire Piston will arrive to you clean and lubricated, and ready for immediate use. However its quite normal after continued use, for char cloth residue to begin to build up within the cylinder bore, To clean away this residue, begin by dis-assembling the unit.
    09:54 Re-assemble the unit, and then place a single drop of light oil on the piston. Work it up and down a few times, and then close off the end cap. Be sure to tighten the end cap firmly to create a good seal. You should feel the device immediately return to a smooth action, and your Fire Piston is now ready again for use.

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