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  • When I’m done running the machine for the evening but I’m not done running parts, I like to shut the machine off. Otherwise, I’ve got several 220 volt circuits energized overnight (or over several days, since I machine as a hobby). The stepper motors on the Tormach PCNC 1100 are constantly energized (they stay warm as long as the machine is on) and I’d prefer not to turn electricity into heat for no reason. This is how I shut the machine down when I’m done using it for the day but not done with a batch of parts.

    Here’s a quick summary in bullet points:

    - There’s an uncut piece of stock loaded (so Z0 can be checked)
    - The machine is sent to X0Y0
    - The tool I use to set Z0 is selected in Mach3 (but not loaded into the spindle)
    - The machine is sent to Z0
    - A screenshot is taken of the Mach3 screen and saved with the date of the shutdown (shown with the incorrect date in the video)
    - The Tormach PCNC 1100 milling machine is shutdown
    - The Mach3 software is shutdown, with the “Yes” option selected at the “Fixture Save” dialog

    The following day:
    - The machine and software are started
    - The X0Y0 is confirmed on the Mach3 DRO display
    - The machine is XYZ axes are referenced in Mach3
    - The machine is sent to X0Y0
    - The Z Touch Tool is loaded and Z0 is confirmed (or set as necessary)
    - Machining begins!

    The Mach3 software shown is a Tormach specific version.

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