China Cheap price cnc lathe machining parts for Israel Factory

China Cheap price
 cnc lathe machining parts for Israel Factory

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    Equipped With
    Complete coolant system, Full coverage Chip & Coolant Guard
    Work light, One set of Manuals, Active vibration control
    Intelligent Thermal shield & Intelligent Safety Shield
    Mazak voice adviser, Virtual Machining
    Intelligent Performance Spindle A & Intelligent Maintenance Support
    One set of adjusting tools, The safety measures on worldwide level
    Standard tooling package (lower turret)
    Mazatrol Matrix 2 control, 19″ Color LCD
    8″ Thru-Hole Chuck B-20A615 (1st Spindle) & 8″ Thru-Hole Chuck B-208A (2nd spindle)
    Power transformer for other markets
    1st Spindle Motor AC 22Kw (30 HP)
    2nd Spindle Motor AC 18.5 Kw (25 HP) 1st & 2nd Spindle Speed 5000 RPM
    Lower 9 Position Drum Turret, 36 HS-Tool Magazine (required tool)
    Rotary-Tool Spindle speed 12,000 RPM
    C-Axis 0.0001 Degree Inc. (1st spindle)
    2nd Spindle Position 0.001 Deg W/O C-Axis
    Y-Axis Control
    B-Axis 0.001 deg Centering (Req.EIA/ISO)
    1st Spindle bore dia 76mm (3″)
    Auto chuck Jaws open/close (1&2 Spindle)
    Chuck Open/Close confirm, (1 & 2 Spindle)
    Chuck Air blast (2nd spindle), Absolute positioning Sys (linear Axes)
    X,Y,Z Pitch error compensation input, EIA 1st Spindle &Mill Spdl Simul. Rotation
    Coolers for Ball Screw (X-Axis)
    Roller Guides, Coolant Through milling head (up-turret)
    1 kg Flood coolant (lower turret), 5 KG thru/flood coolant (upper turret)
    Operator door interlock with lock-switch
    Prep for Chip conveyor (side hinge)
    User macro (Common variables: 600 Pairs)
    Mazak Tapping/Boring Tornado (EIA/ISO)
    EIA/ISO Code Input Function (Standard), Add. EIA/ISO Functions (Req. EIA/ISO)
    Inverse time feed, Sequence number comparison stop function
    3-D Coordinate conversion
    B Mazacc-2D Software (Shape compensation)
    Add. Workpiece coordinate system 300-Pairs, Thread Cutting Function
    Polar coordinates input (EIA)
    Optional Equipment:

    Double foot switch (1st & 2nd spindle), 2nd spdl C-Axis Sync (fact install only)
    Tool eye (auto) for Upper & Lower Turret
    Chip Conveyor side disposal (hinge)1500U
    Signal tower (3 colors lights, squares)
    EIA Dynamic compensation 1,
    B)Shape compensation for Rotary Axes
    B)Cylindrical & Polar coordinate (Eia),
    B)Milling-Spindle Synchronous Tapping
    F)Tool radius compensation/5-Axis Simult.
    F)Tool tip point control simult. 5 axes
    70 KG thrugh/5K flood coolant (upper turret) (Include coolant temperature control)
    72 HSk-tool magazine (required tool)
    Preparation for Multi & Flash Tool Sys
    D)Mazacc-3D High Speed software package
    Mazak monitoring system B (RPM60) Renishaw
    Matrix Cam (MT) (Cam Card + Software)
    Barfeeder interface kit
    Tail center attachment (lower turret) 2 units Hobbing function w/o tooling Matrix Cam Compact flash card I/F + USB I/F (1 port) Auto parts catcher (D:65 X L:120 X 2.5 KG) w/Ejector (Including conveyor) Max. Program Size 8MB (960 programs) Laser tool NC4 by Renishaw 2nd spindle through spindle (bor B-208) Scale feed back (X,Y-Axis Upper Turret) Scale feedback (Z-Axis 1500mm Upper turret

    Call Gray Machinery
    This video demonstrates cnc engraving on wood. Both photo’s and pictures are being engraved by a 0.7Watt 445nm diode laser mounted on a CNC-Step High-Z S400 cnc machine.

    Total engraving time in this video is 2u15 , but by optimising the lasing algorithm (skipping the white parts left and right of tigerhead) the process could be sped up to 1u30.

    The laser engraves around 35 dots per second (7mm/sec) and each dot is about 0.2 x 0.2 mm.

    Its not SUPERfast, but compare this less then $200 add-on with a $5000 laser engraver and you’ll understand why its slower. Conventional laser engravers use 40 or 60 watt co-2 laser tubes costing +$800 and only have about 1000 hours of burning time. This diode should have between 15000 and 20000 hours.

    The cnc and laser-steering is done with an arduino microcontroller because I needed very tight timings in millisecond resolution to turn the laser on or off. Conventional milling controllers are mostly not that tight if you want to use spindle control, because they power on spindle and then give it time to spin up. If you would do that with laser, then you would get nice big burnt spots. The dots in this video all take 12 milliseconds / piece. So around 42% of time machine is burning dots and in 58% of time it is moving.

    CNC milling machine/ Engraving machine/Router High-Z CNC-STEP cnc engraver engraving machine end mill speed carving”!!

    More information about the cnc-routers you will find at and

    Weitere Infos zur CNC-Fräsmaschine finden Sie unter und

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