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In the past few years, our company absorbed and digested advanced technologies both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our company staffs a team of experts devoted to the development of Factory Cheap CS-SF003 for Paraguay Factory, We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!

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  • Video tutorial on how to refresh faded plastic or rubber trim on your vehicle by repainting it. The particular product I used was Dupli-color Bumper Coating satin black. It tends to be easier if you remove the trim from the vehicle rather than trying ti paint it on the vehicle. If you do leave the trim on the vehicle, you may miss some areas with paint, you also risk over spray, and taping the parts off can be time consuming and tedious. This particular tutorial was done on a 1984 BMW 733i.

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    Dupli-Color Bumper Coating Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvO2qmntSqc

    Tools/Supplies Needed:
    -bucket of water
    -plastic epoxy
    -lint free cloth
    -rubbing/isopropyl alcohol
    -220 grit sandpaper
    -400 grit wet/dry sandpaper
    -high build primer

    -give the parts you are painting a good wash removing any dirt, grim, debris, grease, or wax
    -any damaged areas, you can fill in with a plastic epoxy or short strand fibreglass filler
    -if the area is damaged, ensure it is dry
    -sand the damaged area with 220 grit sandpaper
    -wipe down with a degreaser such as rubbing alcohol
    -mix the plastic epoxy accordingly and then apply to the damaged area
    -use 220 grit sandpaper to smoothen out the epoxy once it had hardened
    -wet sand the rest of the trim piece with 400 grit sandpaper
    -wet sanding will keep the dust down and reduce the sandpaper from becoming plugged
    -when wet sanding, ensure the area is well lubricated and wash away any excuse amount of sanding material
    -if there is any dimpling in the piece, filler primer will be required the remove the surface imperfections
    -wash the piece again to ensure there are no contaminants on the piece and remove any of the debris from wet sanding
    -primer the piece and allow it to dry before wet sanding again
    -once the primer is dry, wet sand it with 400 grit sandpaper
    -more coats of primer and wet sanding maybe needed until it meets your satisfaction
    -once down with the primer stage, give the piece a final sanding down with 400 grit and wipe down with a degreaser
    -using the desired final paint type, making sure you are in a low dust environment with minimal wind, you are ready to paint the piece
    -tape off any areas you do not want the new paint on
    -give the piece anywhere from three to four coats of paint making sure not to have any runs in the final paint stages
    -once done, allow the piece to dry for 24 to 48 hours before reinstalling on the vehicle
    -be sure the remove the taped off areas about an hour after applying the final coat of paint

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