Factory Promotional anodized aluminum parts cnc machining parts 01 for Switzerland Factories

Factory Promotional
 anodized aluminum parts cnc machining parts 01 for Switzerland Factories

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We will devote ourselves to providing our esteemed customers with the most enthusiastically thoughtful services for Factory Promotional anodized aluminum parts cnc machining parts 01 for Switzerland Factories, We are confident to make great achievements in the future. We are looking forward to becoming one of your most reliable suppliers.

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  • A silver craft artist adds playfulness to knowledge and experience gained from various work making silver workmen, challenge to make rings from aluminum cans … not like melting down like silver → abandon!

    * It is a video from Japan.
    I write commentary using translation software.
    I am sorry if there is a mistranslation.

    Switch the head, challenge again with a ring made of aluminum used for practice in a hand-crafted day classroom.

    The way aluminum melts has a unique impression different from silver and platinum.

    As I already had experience with molten aluminum, its progress has progressed as expected, and since then I have wanted to say that it is smooth … because it has been experienced many times with silver objecting ring construction, There was a difficulty unique to the material “aluminum”.

    If aluminum is mistakenly handled it will take a lot of time and effort. The mistake is to “make aluminum by melting”.

    Since aluminum is a soft material, it will be a point to finish it efficiently in a short period of time so as not to disturb the surface how much, but since it is “melting = noise,” it took plenty of time to complete the finishing process It was.

    Still, the unique texture unique to this way of making is an inspirational thing.

    The polished aluminum ring is close to the brilliance of the silver ring, and from its volume rich form it feels a strong metallic feeling and heaviness.

    * Ring of forging: Even if it says “ring” to a bite, there are various ways to make and there are advantages and disadvantages for each. Commercially available precious metal rings are produced in large quantities by casting (casting) which casts molten precious metals into molds (casting) (although we can make various designs, the deformation strength is weak). In our workshop, we make all the rings with the technique called forging (Tanzou) which we make one by one by hand. In the making process, hitting with a hammer evenly, the metal gets clogged and tempered “becomes a ring of aluminum with high deformation strength”.

    * Aluminum purity: The aluminum material used by us is a general-purpose material that is generally sold. It is not pure aluminum, it is an aluminum alloy (product number unknown such as JIS standard). Pure aluminum makes clogging of the scraped powder into a sandpaper during molding work and makes it useless, and furthermore, in polishing work its softness disturbs the beautiful finish. For this reason, it became like to use “Aluminum alloy with moderate hardness” which is easy to build, easy to finish, and is relatively hard to scratch.

    * Aluminum metal allergy: Those who purchased by face to face sales are always asking when you purchase again, but I do not care about metal allergy separately. Silver ring (Sv925) etc. I think that it is a level which does not feel the influence especially to everyone who uses the ring which is generally on the market.

    * Aluminum rings: For long lasting use *

    Soft and soft touch feeling that soft touch is peculiar to soft aluminum.
    Because it is hitting a lot with a hammer at the light and pretty hard production stage, the metal is tightening tightly.

    Scratches are hard to be attached & difficult to hammer Hammer pattern has a lot of recesses so it is difficult to get scratched because there are only a few parts in contact with others, so even if it gets scratched because it is originally shining, it does not matter, but with a general ring Please use carefully in the same way.

    Shine (it is better not to polish as much as possible) · Lightly polish is better
     As for the aluminum ring, a protective film called alumina (whitish color / thick anodized alumite) is generated immediately by touching the surface with air to prevent further corrosion.

    * Aluminum rings: Getting started *

    · There is no change even if it is soaked in sulfur hot spring.
    · There is no change even if it is immersed in salt water for a long time.
    · If you immerse it in dirty water mixed with detergent etc for a long time, please be careful because it changes dirty with darkening.
    · Do not put aluminum in water together with other metals.
    · Please think that use in everyday life such as cooking, sweat, washbasket, bath etc. is the same as handling of general ring.

    Creative silver studio Otanko Nasu!


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