New Fashion Design for brass cnc parts Export to Surabaya

New Fashion Design for
 brass cnc parts Export to Surabaya

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The customer satisfaction is our primary target. We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, quality, credibility and service for
New Fashion Design for brass cnc parts Export to Surabaya, We are confident to make great achievements in the future. We are looking forward to becoming one of your most reliable suppliers.

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    plastic injection mold, injection molding, silicone mold, rubber mold , LSR mold

    Intertech Machinery Incorporation (Taiwan)

    Please visit our website to know how we can contribute to your molding project.

    Our Professionals:

    1. Making interchangeable cores mold : a most effective and cost-saving manufacturing process. Suitable for customers looking for “more variety but less quantity” solution. With only one mold, it can efficiently generate different kinds of products,

    2. Making high transparent PC, Acrylic, PMMA, PET.. parts mold with high gloss polishing and Mold-Tech texture on parts surface, applied mostly in lighting parts, outdoor LED parts projects.

    3. Making gas assisted injection molds and products projects …mostly applied in projects like the thick handles, monitors, the frame of TV cabinet etc, which prevents the shrinkage mark, improves the strength of the parts and saves material costs.

    4 Medical silicone and rubber molds/products making : We manage both “solid” and “liquid” silicone rubber material meeting the standard of RoHS, FDA and REACH, and can be applied like skincare parts, medical earplugs, nipple pacifier, check valve, diving mask.



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    In this episode Kent will give you a brief update on his 1976 240D and explain why he is going to move that project into a separate video series. You will get to see the polish he uses to restore and seal old black hard plastic parts on a car. Watch how he keeps diesel fuel injectors from getting rusty on the engine.

    His 1994 E320 coupe “Ms Mercedes” is in the shop ready to get her shakedown 2000 hour inspection. He will give you an earful about shock absorbers. They are one of the most neglected maintenance items and are also one of the most misunderstood safety items. How so – in braking and maintaining control in panic maneuvers. Owners tend to not notice the gradual deterioration and handling is there shocks when driving the car over a long period of time. This happened with this particular E320. The owner since 1998 said they thought the shocks were fine. Just drove up to northern BC and back and the car rode “great”/ What does great mean? Kent drove the car two blocks and knew immediately that the shocks were not just bad but shot…. REALLY SHOT.

    In episode 8 he will show you exactly what he means…

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    On demand video on cleaning aluminum engine parts:

    Acrylic werks super polish kit:

    Rebuilding diesel fuel injectors yourself:

    Fast glow plug upgrades for your old diesel:

    Timing chain kits:

    Drip tube for setting injection pump timing:

    Replacement shock absorbers:

    Diesel Performance Tuning Manual:

    Diesel Engine Physical Exam kits:

    LED dash lights:

    Detailing on demand videos:

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