Quality Inspection for cnc precision machining parts 04 to Liberia Manufacturers

Quality Inspection for
 cnc precision machining parts 04 to Liberia Manufacturers

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    Chicago’s Choice for Control Panel Building, CNC Machining & Equipment Assembly

    Machine Shop Tour

    Hi, welcome to the machine shop. My name’s Davin and I’m the manager of the machine shop. Let me take you around and show you some machines.

    Right here we’ve got our VF2SS super speed machine. 12,000 RPM spindle, 1,400 inch rapids. We got some jergens ball lock in here for quick change fixturing. And a 24+ one side mount tool changer.

    Behind us here we got our SL20, our first lathe. We have full c axis with live tooling both axial and radial. Tool pre-setter, parts catcher, tail stock and of course our servo bar pusher which really helps in keeping the production rolling.

    Behind us here we have our newest machine, the DT1. We got it all spiffed out with this pallet changer here that allows us to run production nonstop. Minimal spindle down time. It’s got six and a half second pallet change. This machine is our smallest also with a twenty by sixteen table and fifteen and a half Z. It also features renishaw probing so we can check our parts in process, we can set our tools and find our work coordinates. This machine is so fast we had to fasten it to the floor.

    This is our newest lathe here, the ST20SS. It’s got a fifteen inch turning capability, 24 tools in the turret, a little bit bigger than the standard lathe. We’ve got the live tooling on this with the axial and radial tools and the full C axis. Tail stock, parts catcher and a bar feed as well. Keeps us going all night sometimes.

    Over here we have a standard VF1, we use this one mostly for prototyping and first run production. It’s got the umbrella changer on there for programmable coolant. And the same controls as all the rest of the machines, makes it easy to use.

    Over here we got an over head door and a fire extinguisher. Those come in handy.

    This is our biggest machine here. Our VF6. Got some jergens ball lock plate over the whole table. We’re able to lift this whole thing out with a fork lift and put something new in there in about half an hour, works out really well. Got the side mount changer. This machine is also capable of running a fourth axis rotary head. We run a Haas HRT310 table in here. It helps us get to multiple sides of the part in a single chucking.

    The VF3SS here. Another super speed machine. 12,000 RPM spindle. This one features a full jergens ball lock table and a forty tool side mount changer. And with the high speeds of this thing we can really get some work done.

    The VF2 behind us here is another of our machines. It’s capable of running a fourth axis. We got our HRT210 in here. Rotary table, allows us to mount various types of fixturing to rotate the part in the A axis. We’ve also got a little small jergens ball lock base here that we use for quick fixturing.

    Last but not least we have our VF3. A nice standard forty by twenty by twenty vertical mill. Forty tool side mount changer. Basic 7,500 RPM spindle. It does a great job for us and again the consistent control.

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